Does Your Congressperson Support Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies? Use this tool to find out.

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Dirty Energy Money


Sen. Maria Cantwell



Sen. Cantwell "is very much in support of ending many subsidies for fossil fuels but also supports the government's involvement in the development of cleaner energy sources."

Sen. Patty Murray



Sen. Murray writes, "Our country needs to develop a long-term energy policy to reduce our dependence on traditional fossil fuels, and ending subsidies for major oil companies is an important step in this process. I firmly believe that we must move forward and invest in progressive policies that promote alternative energy, energy conservation and efficiency."

Rep. James McDermott
District: WA7



Rep. McDermott "introduced the 'Ending Subsidies for Big Oil Act of 2007,' which would have 'amended the Internal Revenue Code to deny a tax deduction for income attributable to the sale, exchange, or other disposition of oil, natural gas, or any primary product thereof.' Since that time, Congressman McDermott has consistently supported bills to end subsides for fossil fuel companies."